Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's this all about?

This blog was started because of a stirring I've had for some time now.  You see, I want more than anything for my boys, ages 7 and 4, to love the Lord and others around them.  While I'm pretty biased and think my kids are really neat, I will say that there is still so much I feel I need to do to prepare them for adolescence and adulthood.  Now is the time to shape their character and something inside of me longs to encourage them.  Stretch them.  Make them feel slightly uncomfortable so that they constantly change and grow.  I think we've all gotten pretty comfortable around here and I'm not okay with that anymore. 

This week I have tried to step out of the daily "craziness" for a bit and just listen to what is going on around me.  I often hear phrases such as (please insert the brattiest voice you have!) 
  • When do we get to do such and such
  • Why can't I get an Ipod like my friends
  • Not this again for dinner
  • I don't want that for a snack
  • Can't we just go to the store and get a new Lego kit?
  • It's my turn to play!

You get the idea.  The complaints and demands just keep going and going.  While we do try to teach our kids that money doesn't grow on trees, others will often get things you won't, and there really are starving kids in Africa.....I still don't feel this is enough.  Our kids, really our family, has fallen into the "I/Me" trap.  It's often all about us.

I want to stretch our family- get uncomfortable for a bit and do acts of kindness for others.  Sounds simple, right?  Sure, it's pretty easy to come up with great ideas to help others.  Executing those ideas is the hardest part. So, I am asking each of you to partner up with me and perform simple acts of kindness!

Each week, I will post 2 challenges.  You will have the full week to get those accomplished.  I know that we come from various backgrounds- some are SAHM's, some are full time moms and hold a full time job, some are in school, etc......  Hopefully only having 2 challenges a week and 7 days to do them will be realistic.  This challenge is not meant to stress anyone out or put guilt into their heads.  Some days/weeks you may not get both completed.  That's okay.  I firmly believe that any act of kindness (big or small) still makes a difference.  You can start this at any point, stop at any point, or catch up any time you can.  I plan to do this from now until December and then we will see where we are at.

I want to point out that this blog is intended to give you ideas on how you and your family can bless others.  Please know that I don't claim to know it all and many of the ideas I will list come from other sources- and credit will be given to each.  I also want to ask you to please share any and all ideas on how you or your family bless others.  I am constantly amazed at how thoughtful so many of you are and I look forward to learning from you too!  I may even use your idea in a future week.

Ready?   Set.........  Let's Go!!

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  1. Hi sweetie! That is one reason we do the Toy Drop each month. Plus, we do RAK all the time...the kids LOVE it. I'll be glad to check in and play along when I can!