Sunday, November 14, 2010

Challenge 5

So we actually completed the "bag trash" challenge and we had a great time doing it.  The boys each had a bag and I pulled our wagon (in case a certain 4 year old got tired or if we found something big) and we made a game out of finding trash/items that didn't belong on the ground.  By the time we got back to our house, our bags (and part of our wagon) were full.  I love that I listened to my sweet son's heart and did this challenge.  I know this is something we will for sure do again.

Last week at church our preacher started preaching on the topic of listening to God's whispers.  Some of his sermon comes from this book and all I can say is WOW.  I love this sermon series so far.  I guess you could say that this blog was started because of a "whisper" from God.  A nudge.  A push to change our mindset and step out of our comfort zone.  I encourage you to get this book if you haven't read it.  I haven't read it yet myself, but I can tell you that the info that has been shared from it has been wonderful.

Challenge 5 starts today and will go through next Sunday.

Act 1
Purchase something for a child/family through Compassion, World Vision, or some other organization.

Earlier this week, we got our World Vision Gift Catalog in the mail.  While eating breakfast one morning, I had my oldest son read some of it to us.  One page that really made an impact on my boys was a section that talked about a little boy that had worms in his bloated tummy.  As H read on, he learned that most kids living in Africa only have dirty water to drink and many of them get dangerous diseases because of it.  They kept asking lots of questions and this really sparked some good conversations about this topic.  In my head, I knew that buying something from WV was something our family would for sure do this year but I kept thinking that the impact on my kids would not be as great if we simply opened our checkbook and made the purchase.  After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of the boys having a hot chocolate stand in order to raise money.  They thought it sounded fun and this is a pretty simple way for them to earn money themselves to put towards this purchase.  You can come up with lots of good ways for your kids to earn money to go towards these gifts.  In my opinion, it will make a bigger impact on them if they really have a part in it.

Did you know that:
  • $18 will provide 3 ducks for a family in need? (these will produce hundreds of protein-rich eggs to feed a family year round.  They will also multiply fast and allow them to be sold for extra income)
  • $25 will provide 2 chickens
  • $30 will provide 5 fruit trees (oranges, mangoes, bananas, papayas and apples)
  • $40 will provide a fishing kit for a family
  • $75 provides a goat
  • $100 buys a goat and 2 chickens

You get the idea.

How many times have you walked into a store ( it's Target for me personally) and walked out with $50+ worth of things you don't need and didn't go into the store initially wanting.  When I look at these small amounts, yet the HUGE impact they will make for these families, I can't imagine not buying something from the list.  So, I encourage you to make a purchase for a family this year - one that will keep on giving!

Act 2
Make and deliver cookies, cupcakes, or treats for firefighters, police officers, etc......  and express how THANKFUL you are for their service.  I know that I take these positions for granted and we don't carve out enough time to say thanks.

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  1. Hey,
    I had an idea I thought you might like. I was dropping Aidan off at school the other morning and the teachers working the crosswalk were freezing. As it's getting colder, I thought it might be nice to have some of those 10 hour hand warmers to hand to them as we drive by...they are only $2 for several of them at Wal-Mart. I thought it would be especially nice as it's getting colder.